Join Our Network of Advanced Pension Advisors

At the National Pension Helpline, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier, reliable pension information and support to individuals across Ireland.

To maintain our high standards, we seek only the most qualified and reputable pension advisors to join our exclusive partner program. If you are an experienced, technically proficient, and ethically sound pension advisor, we invite you to apply to become part of our esteemed network.

Our Standards

To ensure we provide only the best advice, we maintain rigorous standards for our partner advisors. Applicants must meet and maintain the following criteria:

  • Professional Qualifications: Must hold recognised qualifications (QFA) in pension advisory services. Must be fully up to date on minimum CPD requirements.
  • Experience: A minimum of 10 years of experience in the pension industry, speciality areas of pension planning knowledge is required for more complicated pension enquiries.
  • Proven Track Record: Demonstrated history of successful pension management and satisfied clients. No upheld complaints from the FSPO and/or the Central Bank of Ireland.
  • Ethical Practice: Adherence to the highest ethical standards and commitment to the best interests of clients. A particular emphasis on ethics surrounding vulnerable customers must be adhered to at all times.
  • Continuous Education: Commitment to staying updated with the latest industry regulations and best practices. Pensions are going through a state of flux in Ireland at the moment and it is important that our panel of vetted advisors are always at the cutting edge of public consultations and subsequent pension regulation and legislation.

Application Process

Our application process is designed to ensure that only the most qualified advisors join our network. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Initial Screening: Submit your credentials and proof of qualifications for an initial review.
  2. Interview: Successful candidates will be invited for an in-depth interview to assess their expertise and suitability.
  3. Verification: We conduct thorough background checks and client satisfaction reviews.
  4. Approval: Once approved, you’ll receive a comprehensive onboarding package to integrate seamlessly with our platform.

Why Partner with Us?

  • Prestigious Association: Joining the National Pension Helpline’s network places you among the elite advisors in the industry, enhancing your professional reputation.
  • Quality Leads: Gain access to a steady stream of high-quality leads from individuals actively seeking expert pension advice.
  • Dedicated Support: Benefit from our dedicated support team, ensuring seamless integration and collaboration.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Increase your visibility through our extensive marketing efforts and established trust within the community.

Apply Now

If you believe you have the expertise and integrity to be part of the National Pension Helpline’s elite advisor network, we encourage you to apply today.

For further inquiries, please contact our partner support team at 

By joining the National Pension Helpline, you’ll be part of a trusted and respected network dedicated to providing the best possible pension advice. Apply now to elevate your professional standing and help individuals secure a comfortable retirement

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