Cashing in your pension early

Once you hit 50, you can cash in your pension early and access tax a 25% tax free lump sum. Here’s what you need to know…

Transfer My Pension

Choosing whether or not to transfer your pension is a common question people in Ireland face. There are a range of reasons why you might want to pension transfer and the sections below are designed to help you understand the process.

Find Old Pensions

Tracking down my pensions – a guide to pension tracing in Ireland. Estimates suggest that there is more than €400 million in unclaimed pension benefits in Ireland alone. Could you be due to cash in?

Review my pension plan

The most common answer is yes. Where we spend our income and how much of it we’re willing to use on goods and services is something we constantly review – grocery prices, energy bills, healthcare, transport, entertainment.

Transfer your UK pension to Ireland

Many Irish people have worked in the UK during their career, including in Northern Ireland, and hold personal pensions there. If this is your experience you may well have a pension scheme still active that would be easier to manage if it was transferred to Ireland.

Start a Pension

Saving for a pension is incredibly important but is so easy to ignore throughout our lives. Essentially, you are investing in your future post-retirement to ensure you have enough money to maintain your lifestyle.