Capital Acquisition Tax / Gift Tax Calculator

Capital Acquisitions Tax Calculator
Description Calculation Value
Value of Gift 0.00
Basic Gift Threshold 3,000.00
Relationship Treshold (B) 32,500.00+3,000.00 35,500.00
Taxable amount - 0.00
Tax due x 33% 0.00
Net - 0.00

What is CAT?

CAT (Capital acquisitions Tax) is a form of tax that applies to gifts passed from one individual to another. Depending on your relationship to the gift giver, you will have different tax thresholds. Children have the highest threshold at a

How does the CAT Calculator work?

The CAT calculator works by taking 2 inputs. First it takes the value of the gift being given and then it takes the relationship between the gifter and the receiver – this determines the tax threshold applicable to the gift.

So the calculation looks like:

Taxable amount = Gift amount – general threshold (€3,000) – relationship threshold (€16,250 – €335,000)

CAT Thresholds:

The current CAT relationship thresholds are:

  1. €335,000 for children of the gifter
  2. €32,500 for parents of the gifter
  3. €16,250 for all other relationships

For each threshold an additional €3,000 is to be added