Calculate your maximum tax-free pension contributon

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Your Age:
Your Income:
Pensionable Income: (maximum €115,000)
Maximum Contribution: (age related)
Your Tax Relief:
Employer Contribution:
Total Contribution:

Pension Contribution Calculator

This pension contribution calculator shows people their maximum allowable pension contributions which are eligible for income tax relief. It is important to remember that further pension contributions can be made, but that they will not be subject to marginal rate income tax relief.

There are a few key points to understand when using this calculator:

  • The Pension Contribution Threshold is determined by your age and increases as you get older. More on the maximum allowable pension contribution thresholds here.
  • There is currently a maximum pensionable employment figure of €115,000. This means that people earning over this amount can only consider this portion of their income as eligible for income tax relief.
  • Employer contributions are typically in addition to personal contribution limits. This is clearly illustrated in the above calculator, however this depends on the specific pension product in question.
  • It is important to note that in the calculator above, the employer match percentage is a percentage of your gross wage as is common practice in Ireland.

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