Top Performing Pension Funds

A review of Ireland’s pension funds makes for shocking reading. Only five years earlier funds were performing similarly, but suddenly there is a spread of -3.4% to 20% in returns.

Defined Benefit Pension Scheme

A Defined Benefit pension scheme is set up by an employer to benefit an employee and represents a fixed payment each year that an employee will receive once they retirement – their payment is defined.

Defined Contribution Pension

A Defined Contribution (DC) pension scheme is one of the most commonly used pension arrangements. It is based on both the employee and the employer investing in the future pension fund of the employee.

PRSA’s in Ireland

A PRSA is a flexible, individualised pension product that can be used in place of a company pension or sometimes alongside a contributory pension offered by your employer.

Personal Retirement Bonds (PRB)

A Personal Retirement Bond is a policy that is set up by the trustees of a company pension scheme to allow a member to leave the scheme and take the value of their pension fund with them.

Enhanced Transfer Value (ETV)

As companies move to reduce the number of members in their Defined Benefit Schemes, new opportunities emerge for individuals who have an interest in moving their company pension to another pension arrangement.

Approved Retirement Fund (ARF)

An Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) is a post-retirement financial product that offers the opportunity to reinvest your pension value after retirement and after you draw down the initial tax-free lump sum.

Pension & Retirement Planning

Being ready for retirement is a financial planning question as well as a psychological one. Are you mentally prepared for the shift that will happen in your life when your career ends?

Buying Property With Your Pension

Buying property with your pension is a stable and successful investment option for many people. As we enter retirement and begin to consider our options around how we will use our pension pot into the future, we are presented with several options.