Auto Enrolment Pension Overview

According to the Central Statistics Office, 1 in 3 workers in Ireland have no pension coverage outside of the State pension. After Budget 2024, the annual State pension equates to €14,419.60.

Company Pension Overview

Offering a company pension scheme is a solid and reliable way for a company owner to invest in its own and its employee’s future.

Setting up a Company Pension

Company pensions are created by employers to help employees provide for their retirement. They create tax efficient salary deduction processes that positively contribute to the employee’s future.

Self Employed Pension

Self-employed people are generally good at planning and managing their careers but not always as quick to invest time and patience in finding the right pension plan.

Executive Pension Overview

Executive Pensions are created by companies to benefit and protect their most senior executives and business owners. They are set up under a trust and the employer themselves invariably act as the trustees.