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What Budget 2024 Means for Your Retirement

Every budget means something for your retirement and, of course, that much-valued pension you worked so hard to earn during your working life. The Minister for Finance delivered the 2024 Budget to the Dail in October 2023 with a few changes to pensions and retirement in there as well. [...]

2024-06-13T15:12:41+00:00June 13, 2024|News|

Tax On Investments & Savings Ireland

Benjamin Franklin once said that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Indeed, Irish tax residents are all too familiar with the Exchequer taking a sizable share from their hard-earned income and gains.  The most common form of taxation that the average [...]

2024-05-30T12:48:18+00:00May 30, 2024|Pension Investment, Taxation|

Taxation of Pensions in Ireland

In this article, we’ll be taking a holistic view of the taxation of pensions in Ireland. We’ll look at pension taxation through the lens of an individual who begins their pension journey at the point of entry into the workforce right up until the day the individual retires and [...]

2024-05-24T13:34:25+00:00May 6, 2024|Taxation|

Tax Planning for Business Owners

In this article, we’re going to be talking about tax planning for business owners. Specifically, 7 methods of extracting cash from a company that business owners can adopt and a discussion about the tax efficiency of each method. As a reminder, an Irish company is a separate legal entity [...]

2024-05-10T14:05:29+00:00May 1, 2024|Taxation|

Pension Advice for Stay at Home Parents

Many parents make the decision to stay at home with their children, to be involved with their lives as well as avoid high childcare fees and lengthy commutes. The 2022 Census recorded 272,318 people in Ireland who expressed looking after the home or family as their principal economic status.  [...]

2024-05-30T09:41:58+00:00April 29, 2024|Pension Information|

Average Pension in Ireland

What is the average pension pot in Ireland? How much should I have in my pension savings to retire comfortably? What will my income be in retirement? The CSO reports that 66% of workers aged 20-69 have some form of pension coverage outside of the state pension. This has [...]

2024-03-11T12:57:00+00:00March 3, 2024|Pension Information|