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€271 Billion State Pension Shortfall

The Irish old age State Pension is a vital support for retirees, funded by the Social Insurance Fund (your PRSI contributions). However, with changing demographics and an aging population, the sustainability of the system is in question.  In this article, we'll explore the key issues and potential solutions to [...]

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Pension adjustment orders

A pension adjustment order (PAO) is a court order which enforces the entitlement of a former spouse or partner or their dependents to a share or proportion of the pension arrangement of their former spouse or partner. PAOs are complex and there are a number of different aspects to [...]

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Finance Act 2022

Introduction On the 15th December 2022, Ireland’s Finance Act 2022 was signed into law. With it, came three major changes to pensions in Ireland. This article will explain each of these changes and what they mean for the future of saving for retirement in Ireland. Finance Act 2022 in [...]

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Case Study: Mistakes of the Waterford Crystal Pension scheme and how to avoid them

Waterford Crystal employees showcased what could happen if a company puts lack-lustre effort into protecting workers. In a nutshell After suffering losses to their pension scheme, individuals employed by the company discovered their company pension funds had no protection system - and decided to do something about [...]

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